It is a treatment method based on generating heat foci of 3 mm and 4.5 mm below the skin by using focused ultrasound waves and triggering this production of collagen. With the application of Ulthera, a non-surgical skin tightening method, the relaxation and sagging of time and gravity on the skin are treated. The result obtained after a 30-45 minute session with Ulthera occurs with the strengthening of the subcutaneous connective tissue.

How does Ulthera work?

As with other ultrasound procedures, the application cap is applied to the skin. The skin and subcutaneous tissue are displayed on the monitor of the device so that the doctor who will perform the application by touching it can plan the treatment area. Then, with the same application head, the skin is activated and rejuvenated by the thermal heat foci that are 4.5 mm and 3 mm below the skin. During this process, the skin surface is not affected by application. Thanks to the energy reaching the skin, stimulation increases and new collagen formation is provided in the skin. A strong tightening effect occurs, resulting in a non-surgical “face lift” effect over time. (Around 6 months)

How is the application different from other non-surgical face lift procedures?

Ulthera is the only FDA approved skin tightening method using focus ultrasound technology. It is possible to achieve effective and satisfying results with a single application on the skin.

What is felt during the application?

Although the feelings during the application depends on individual, it is recommended that the person to be treated should use a pain killer before the application. People define the pain sensation they feel during the application as instant “needle sting”. This means that ultrasound energy reaches deep into the tissue, so Ultherapy creates a lifting and tightening effect on the skin.

What should be expected after the application?

Immediately after the application, the person can return to his daily activities. There is no situation to be considered. Although some people experience rash after application, this situation returns to normal after a few hours.

Is Ultherapy a safe method?

Ultrasound energy has been used in medicine for more than 50 years and has proven to have no side effects in clinical trials.

What result should be expected?

After a single application, the regeneration process starts immediately, but the desired outcome is 60-90 days later. As a result of the studies carried out by the FDA (American Quality Standards Center), a visible effect was detected in 9 of 10 patients in eyebrow hanging application. As a result, the slack in the eyelids and wrinkles around the eyes decrease. People applied in the neck and face area stated that they have a firmer, tighter and higher quality skin.

Who are good candidates for Ulthera application?

Someone with some degree of laxity to the point of cooling and often feeling loss firm. Loose skin under the neck and under the chin or lines and wrinkles on the chest are signals a patient might be a candidate. Also the skin under the arms and upper lips might become areas of concern in time. We try to help our patients on those areas.



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