Our manifesto

1 We stand at an equal distance to all of humanity;

There isn’t a selected target audience at our clinic! Because it truly embraces everyone. We have created a living space where everyone feels at home, where the lead actor is oneself, and nobody feels like a customer who is buying something. We aim to provide an experience where we explain the options well, but in this journey, we always leave the decision to one's own will and timing. We know our place, even when we are guiding.

2 From our experience to our expertise;

We have decided to transform the experiences which were good for us and made a difference to the areas we focus on professionally. We do not perform an application if we do not perceive a benefit. That's why we don't bring any and every device to our clinic. We do not engage in battles you will not attain any benefit. If you insist, we try to explain to you with evidence-based information and try to discourage you.

3 Our ultimate goal;

We aim to become a home, a family where people with different socio-cultural backgrounds and different thoughts are treated together. We have outlined for ourselves a duty of humanity and we wish to share accomplishments of the utilitarianism of our family down to the smallest details to all our freehearted and curios colleagues.

4 We value the right to information;

We must have the right to be informed about the applications which will be performed and their possible consequences. The more we know about what may be experienced, the more we can become a single entity on this path. We devote most of our time to researching, discovering, reviewing, observing quality content.

5 Knowledge and assiduity unite us;

“Feeling good” unites people. The well-being achieved with treatments and reformation of bothersome details provide us the energy and joy to be able to find true happiness in life. As soon as we see that you have reached this point, we would like to graduate you.

6 We believe in truth and frugality;

We will never resort to clandestine and insincere persuasion or to sow the seeds of low self-esteem that will lead to over-practice.

7 Our happiness;

Our goal is to increase everyone's quality of life, increase their self-confidence, have a boosting effect on their souls, as well as creating a happy and peaceful environment in the clinic which we all long for.

8 Right of access;

All people should have the right to access healthy and quality products at affordable prices. Healthy, safe and high-tech applications should not be monopolized by a certain group.

9 The right to choose;

We should have the right to choose healthy, safe, and high-tech applications in accordance with our budget. We take special care to offer you several options.

10 We know where to stop;

We try to understand you and your longings well. We engage all the battles and struggles so that you do not say or mean anything different from your real stance in life.