Build muscle, burn fat



Burn fat while building muscle.


EMSCULPT is the only non-surgical procedure in the world that allows you to burn fat while building muscle. It is the latest technological development that revolutionized body shaping processes. While all technologies are focused on fat reduction, EMSCULPT burns fat allowing the thinning of the fat layer and building muscle which leads you to achieve a fit look.

How can people benefit from the application?

EMSCULPT first creates and strengthens the underlying muscles of the fat, and at the same time, it decreases the abdominal fat by increasing the muscle density. It helps to reveal a slimmer and more athletic body line at the same time.
Second, when applied to the hips, EMSCULPT provides a raised, athletic hips who have been trying so long in gym. It is the only non-surgical hip lift procedure in the world. With EMSCULPT, people no longer need surgery to remove hip fats and lift hip. It occurs in shaped contraction while increasing muscle density.

How do you compare Emsculpt with the other technologies?

EMSCULPT is the only procedure in the world that not only targets fat but also builds your muscles. Other technologies are also good but target only fat. To look really fit, you need to both reduce your fat and strengthen your underlying muscles together.

In addition, EMSCULPT is not based on a heating / cooling principle, so there is no risk of burning, scarring or swelling. No possibility of leaving any deformity.

None of the other technologies will provide you muscle based hip lift. EMSCULPT has developed a new approach to lifting hip by strengthening all your muscles.

Who can it be applied to?

Anyone can benefit from the EMSCULPT process. During the consultation, you can discuss your expectations with the doctor or with the nurse, who will help prepare a specific implementation plan for you.

Is it a safe process?

EMSCULPT represents the first innovative technology shown in many clinical trials, as it is approved by the American Health Organization FDA, has medical CE certification, and operates on both muscle and fat. Before application, your doctor will tell you in detail how body shaping works with EMSCULPT and its unique safety profile.

What should be considered during the application of “EMSCULPT”?

It is very important that you have the right nutrition system in this process and should never be thrown into the background. Supporting the application with the nutrition program will significantly increase the effectiveness of the EMSCULPT. For this reason, when starting the application, you should meet with our dietitian in our clinic and create a nutrition program specific to the person and the process, and follow up by meeting each session which is a complementary service we provide to our EMSCULPT patients. Since EMSCULPT application is based on muscle building in parallel with fat breakdown, eating a protein-based diet during the treatment, applying a low-fat nutrition program and drinking an average of 2.5 – 3 liters of water per day, getting support from detox water and nutrients will both accelerate fat breakdown and build muscle so speed up the process. In addition, not using alcohol during the treatment and increasing physical activity will increase the efficiency of the process.



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