A way of rejuvenating your skin without affecting your social life.

What is Dermapen?

When we want to tighten the pores and use on acnes to dry them out. it is a way of reconstructing a skin that is applied by the doctor after the pores are cleaned and the skin is purified, where your social life is almost unaffected.

Small micro cannulas enter the skin at a speed that the person cannot perceive pain and form micro channels. Micro-channels that are made in this skin are filled with new cells and small cell foci are formed in the skin.

Meanwhile, the pores are filling and the existing acne on the skin is forced to dry quickly. Then a mild chemical peeling can be added on patients with more dense pores and an even more effective tightening can be achieved. To achieve the results it may require 6-8 sessions, once every two weeks.

Why do acne scars occur?

The scars have areas of fibrous tissue (fibrosis) instead of normal skin after injury. Wound repair in the skin and other tissues of the body results in scarring in the biological process. Scarring can be very small lesions, as well as every wound (eg accident, illness, postoperative). Scar tissue contains the same protein (collagen) as the tissue it replaces, but the protein fiber composition is different. In scar tissue, collagen is aligned in one direction and a thicker appearance is obtained. Acne treatment is a long-term treatment and can cause scarring on the wounds. Hormone disorder, allergies, environmental factors and nutritional deficiencies are among the many causes of acne. Excessive oily skin and dead skin cells can cause an inflammatory response reaction of acne scars. In addition, the skin’s collagen deformation and thickening may cause scar tissue.

Popping your pimples is the surest ways to develop a scar. In fact, when it comes to pimples, “hands off” is definitely the best policy. Touching, poking, or picking at a lesion adds more oil to the skin and causes deeper trauma-both of which increase your risk of scarring.

Why does surgical scar occur?

A surgical scar is the place of wound created by all layers depending on the surgery. Modification of all layers is necessary since there is usually an incision. A surgeon cannot control all the factors that determine the appearance of scars because many factors play a role in wound healing after surgery.

How are acne scars / surgical scars treated?

Dermapen can provide radical results in the treatment of scars. Dermapen stimulates collagenesis with new collagen and elastin compatibility and provides new capillary formation and increase blood flow to the region. Increasing blood flow creates a healthy foundation for new skin. With “skin needling”, irregular scar tissue is broken and new tissue growth is stimulated. Dermapen accelerates the healing process and causes less pain, while treating the area, it does not impair the integrity of the epidermis.

How many sessions does the treatment take on acne scars / surgical scars?

Each patient is different and conditions can be variable. Typically, a treatment process consists of 6-8 sessions the number of. Nevertheless, the physician can evaluate on a patient basis.

Wrinkle Removal / Anti-aging

Skin wrinkles often appear as a result of the aging process, as a result of thinning of the epidermal layers of skin that has lost the ability to retain moisture. Wrinkles on the skin occur with aging, repeated facial expressions, sun damage, smoking, poor hydration and various other factors . With a decrease in the total amount of water in the body, dehydration occurs, which can cause skin shrinkage.  Over time, the dermal layer of the skin becomes thinner and less collagen is produced. Under the dermal layer of the skin, there is a subcutaneous layer where the fat cells are more concentrated to support the upper layers of the skin. We loose an fat tissue as we age. She skin gets thinner and thinner.

How can Dermapen prevent wrinkles?

Dermapen application is a therapeutic protocol for the deterioration in skin formation that occurs over the years. Dermapen supports the process of protecting the integrity of the skin with Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT). Dermapen provides vertical micro needling at an angle of 90 degrees. With 11 needles of 33 gauge thickness, collagen stimulation can be performed quickly and easily with minimum epidermis damage.

How many sessions is needed to apply dermapen treatment in wrinkles?

You can get different professional support and protocols according to different skin conditions. According to the skin conditions, we can see the desired results approximately 6-8 sessions and sometimes more sessions are needed. When treating wrinkles dermapen sessions, which are repeated every 6 months, can help us achieve more permanent results.

Dermapen and stretch mark (stria) treatment

While these micro cannulae, which are based on micro cannula opening within the stretch marks, which can be effective even in old stria, can be repaired. The stretch marks formed due to the stretching of the skin by filling with new cells begin to erase the visibility of these marks. Also, every 2 weeks period, a minimum of 6 sessions depending on the size and width of the stretch mark may require a second package for some patients.   5-10 % deletion can be achieved in each session.



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